Optronics Engineering Ltd. is one of Israel’s leading companies in the electro-optics field, providing technical solutions for the electro-optics industry, while serving both as manufacturers and users.

Optronics Engineering Ltd. designs and manufactures night vision & electro-optics test equipment and production equipment.

Optronics Engineering Ltd. was established in 2009 with the vision to become a leading player in the global electro-optics and testing equipment arena in mind, leveraging on the unique expertise the company’s employees have gained so far, both in various theoretical fields as well as in combat and field conditions.
Optronics Engineering Ltd. consists of a leading team of professionals capable of bringing their expertise and best practices, as well as adjusting to the customer’s needs in tailored projects.
Night Weapon Snipers Sight
OE-NWS 4X Night Weapon and 6X Snipers Night Sight are constructed from a rugged aluminum housing which provides durability and dependable boresight retention during the entire mission, including at extreme temperatures. These weapon sights provide excellent observation, target acquisition and aiming capabilities at night. The weapon sights incorporate an illuminated (injected) reticle which is sharply defined and has variable intensity for best contrast against a light or dark target.