Thermal Binocular Family


The OE-TB, Thermal Imaging Binoculars, enables law enforcement and military personnel to see heat signatures of objects, people, and other sources. OE-TB detects extremely small differences in temperature, so that officers can distinguish people from their immediate surroundings. Needing no light to operate, the OE-TB generates high-quality images 24 hours, during the day or at night, even though smoke and fog. Compare that to conventional night vision equipment, which requires light or special illuminators and is incapacitated by smoke, fog, and often other particulates. While darkness and camouflage can defeat night vision, suspects cannot hide from OE-TB. Their own body heat gives them away. The OE-TB thermal imager is a powerful tool for tactical, surveillance and scene assessment applications. Its small size, light weight and ability to be weapon mounted make the OE-TB simple and yet, very effective in field conditions.


  • \High Performance FPA 384x288 or 640x480, 17 μm
  • \High Refresh Rate: up to 60 Hz
  • \High Resolution 852x600 OLED display
  • \High Quality, Fast Optical Lenses
  • \Convenient Binocular Eyepiece
  • \Shutterless and Soundless
  • \Manual/Automatic Gain Control
  • \Manual Brightness Control
  • \Low Power Consumption
  • \Video Out


MODEL OE-TB-25 OE-TB-50 OE-TB-75 OE-TB-100 OE-TB-150
Lens number 25mm 50mm 75mm 100mm 150mm
Thermal sensitivity 60mk 60mk 60mk 60mk 60mk
Digital magnification 2x and 4x 2x and 4x 2x and 4x 2x and 4x 2x and 4x
Diopter adjust. +2/-6 +2/-6 +2/-6 +2/-6 +2/-6
Detection of Human (m.) ~500 ~1500 ~2200 ~3000 ~4000
Detection of Idling Car (M.) ~900 ~2500 ~3000 ~4000 ~5000
Tripod mountable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions (mm) 112x138x55 161x142x71 181x142x71 218x149x86 317x165x170
Weight (g) 455 825 930 925 3025