Night Vision Monocular

OE-14 Brochure

OE-14 is the best solution for soldiers in a variety of battle conditions and different needs.

The OE-14 is light weight and can be mounted on a helmet, head gear, rifle or carried and used by hand, thus providing the maximum amount of flexibility, mobility and comfort.

Its efficient design offers longer battery use, of up to 40 hours, built‐in low battery and Infrared Illuminator with unique LED indicators.

The OE-14 is reliable and compatible for both II and III generation Image Intensifier Tubes (IIT).

OE-14 provides controls for built‐in short range IR illuminator, light overload sensor and “flip‐up” OFF magnetic feature switch.

OE-14 is has Durable Housing, strong, lightweight body and the smallest physical dimensions in the industry.

OE-14 can be used with various MIL-SPEC. a-focal lenses such as X3 and X5 magnification.
These lenses can be attached to the existing lens by Snap‐On or Screw‐In methods.


OE-14 Promotional


  • \Multi-Use Device
  • \Gen II or Gen III Tube compatible
  • \Combat Proven
  • \Gain control optional
  • \Low Battery & IR Indicators
  • \Weapon Mountable


Magnification X1
Field of View 40°
Objective Lens 27mm, f/1.2
Range of Focus 25 Cm to infinity
Eye Relief, mm 25
Diopter Adjustment +2 to -6
Power Source 1 AA Battery
Operational time 40 hours
Dimensions (mm.) 110 x 51 x 57
Weight (gr.) max. 355