Image Quality and Resolution Test Station

OE-110 Brochure

OE-110 Image Quality and Resolution Test Station is new software based system, enables to perform an image quality test for Night Vision Image Intensifier tubes.

The OE-110 Station has been developed for tube functioning test optimization. An accurate report is issued with a tube screen picture in up to 10-seconds per unit.  2 parameters are being tested by the system: Image quality and resolution.

  • Image Quality Test. The system analyzes the tube’s black spots according to predefined settings of size and location, and displays them on the tube screen image and on a summary table. The size and location settings are defined by the operator and conform to customer specification.
  • Limiting resolution test. The most common parameter to describe high light level performance is the limiting resolution. This is the maximum line density on an USAF target that a human observer can resolve. The OE-110, detects the last clearly distinguished lines in USAF 1951 and not only the contrast for larger structures. The system gives a clear answer on the tube or system resolution by lp/mm.

The OE-110 station is designated for use at lab level and at the final assembly line.  An easy to learn and operate system with no background knowledge prerequisites.