Advanced NVD Test Set

OE- 260 Brochure

Optronics OE-260, Night Vision Advanced Test Set is an innovative solution designed as a powerful tool for final assembly and maintenance. It allows operational readiness and Lab repairs of Night Vision Devices.

For the operational level the system verifies the night vision device readiness in the field. For the lab level the Optronics Night Vision Device Test Set is designed to perform a full range of critical tests on night vision devices including resolution, gain, distortion, field of view, consumption, diopter, collimation and black spot defects under any nighttime light levels.

The OE-260, Night Vision Advanced Test Set is computerized, compact and lightweight and is running on Windows Operating System. Its unique touch screen device allows for an intuitive operation and provides clear results that may be print out or saved for further tests and use. The System is ITAR free.


Light source calibrated light source: IR led for goggle test, visible led for self-test
Luminance sensor 15 degree, circular field of view and a 15 mm Eye Relief
Screen Up to 9” LCD touch screen enables full control over all the device functions
Test-Set focal length Test-Set Focal Length Set to infinity
Resolution Resolution range 0.1 lp/mRad to 2.0 lp/mRad Uses elements of 1951 Air Force Bar Target. Contract target 100%
Dark spots test Evaluates quality zones 1 and 2
Power for Goggle Regulated 2.70 Vdc supplied to goggles
Goggle Battery Test Resistive load applied to battery under test at 3.0 volts
Collimation Test up to 0.25º divergence between channels
Diopters +2 to -6 diopters
Wireless unit Bluetooth / Wi-Fi
Power supply External power supply : 12VDC
Battery Rechargeable battery.
Temperature range Storage: -51°C to +68°C, Operational: 0°C to +40°C
Dimensions 600mm X 300mm X 300mm