OE-700, Collimator is an optical system designated for Night Vision Sight (weapon sight and clip-on sight) testing and calibration. The OE-700, collimator enables performing resolution and field of view tests with high accuracy results either for final assembly or as a maintenance routine.

OE-700, Collimator includes a well corrected objective lens projects an illuminated resolution target to infinity (located at its focal plane). The Collimator is usually set up in this way known as infinity adjustment and this setting can be adjusted by the OEM.

OE-700, Collimator has a wide lens aperture which enables testing devices with up to 125mm. objective diameter.

OE-700, Collimator is the ultimate testing equipment for achieving ease and simplicity which minimizes technicians training time.


F-Number F 5.5
Test set focal length Set to infinity / finite distance
Resolution 1951 USAF resolution target
Field Of View Up to 40 degree
Effective Focal Length 700 mm
Spectral range 400-1000 nm / Enable choosing partial spectral range
Lens Anti-Reflective Coating Broadband Multilayer Film yellow
Dimension H x W x L 250mm x 200mm x 1500mm
Weight 5 kg