Collimator: Night Vision Sight testing system

OE–710 Brochure

OE-710, Collimator is an optical system designated for Night Vision Sight testing. The OE-710, collimator enables performing resolution, reticule balanced and Clicker movement tests, with high accuracy results either for final assemble or as a maintenance routine.

OE-710, Collimator includes an Assessor, high-resolution Camera, Computer, optical bench and adapters.

The Assessor is projecting the target through the Device Under Test (DUT) to the camera. The Target projected consists of resolution target (USAF-1951) and Reticule Sights (X4, X6), the test results will be presented on the computer screen through the high resolution camera. OE-710, Collimator is the ultimate testing equipment for achieving ease and simplicity which minimizes technicians training time.


Light source IR LED 810 ±30 nm
Light levels:
Low Approximately equivalent to illuminant level of the moonless overcast night sky.
High Approximately equivalent to illuminant level of the quarter moon sky condition.
Targets Combined target: USAF 1951 and Reticule Sights
Power source 1 Alkaline 1.5V AA Battery
Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C
Camera UI-3480CP-M-GL