Purge & leak System X1

The OE-Analog Purge & leak System enables performing nitrogen purge, fill up and leak test for Night Vision Devices.

Nitrogen purging and leak test is required for final assembly and as a basic Night Vision Devices maintenance measure in order to keep the interior part of the device dry and clean.

The OE-Analog Purge & leak system control unit performs air & nitrogen extraction, nitrogen fill-up and Leak testing (pressure maintenance).

The OE-Analog Purge & leak system operates manually and allows easy mobility, repair and high performance in the field.

The Kit goes through a quality control process to meet high standard manufacturing, performance and safety regulations.


  • \Compatible with variety night vision devices
  • \Easy to assemble and operate
  • \Allows for maintenance and repair in the field
  • \ITAR free


Nitrogen Type MIL-P-27401 Type I Grade C.
Nitrogen Bottle Pressure (Nominal) 1500 PSI / 100 ATM
Pressure Regulator 30 PSI / 2 ATM
Maximum Allowed Pressure Drop 0.06 psi/min
Initial Pressure 3.0 ±0.5psi
Temperature 22±5°C
Relative Humidity 55% Max