Hand-Held Test Set for NVD’s

OE-GNG Brochure

The OE-GNG Test Set is a hand-held, battery powered unit for field testing Night Vision Devices (NVD’s). It is used by field personnel to determine the operational readiness of a NVD by checking its optical performance. The OE-GNG Test Set is a self-contained test device that allows its operator to make go/no-go decisions regarding the spatial resolution adequacy, under low and high light levels.  The OE-GNG Test Set uses a single 1951 US Air Force Resolution Test Target.
The system is Easy to assemble and operate and Tests both Gen. II & Gen. III Tube.
The System is ITAR free.


Operating Temperature -15℃ to +55℃
Light source IR LED 810 ±50nm
Resolution target USAF 1951
Weight 650g