Test Unit

OE-M-GNG Brochure

The OE-M-GNG Test Unit is a hand-held, battery powered unit for field testing of night vision devices with magnification X2 and up. It shall be used by skilled personnel to determine the operational readiness of the night vision device.

The OE-M-GNG Test Unit is a self-contained test device that allows its operator to make Go/No-Go decisions regarding the spatial resolution adequacy, under low and high light levels.  The OE-M-GNG Test Unit uses a single 1951 US Air Force Resolution Test Target. It is a portable, easy carried and self-contained unit that can be used in all weather conditions.  The unit goes through a quality control process to meet high standard manufacturing, performance & safety regulations. The system is Easy to assemble and operate and Tests both Gen. II & Gen. III Tube.
The System is ITAR free.


Operating Temperature -10℃ to +50℃
Light source IR LED 810 ±50nm
Resolution target USAF 1951
Carrying case dimension 350x230x150 (mm)
Test Unit Weight (Including base and battery) 2.75 Kg
Test Unit Weight Without base (Inc. Battery) 1 Kg